Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sorry that I don't have kids...

I've recently become quite the broken record.  I didn't mean for it to happen.

Usually it starts with a coworker or friend (or both??) asking me if I had a relaxing weekend.  These days, my response is some variation of the following:  "It was good, but really busy.  I had ____ to grade and ____ to prep, and the dog got me up early."

If the coworker/friend that I am talking with has kids, I *always* follow up with my No-Kids Disclaimer.

You don't know the NKD?  It goes something like this (and always veryveryfast):

I mean, I shouldn't complain 'cause it's not like I have kids so I can't imagine-how-you-do-it!!

I never really mean to use the NKD.  Why do I invoke it?

But it does make me wonder:  do people with kids have their own disclaimer running through their heads?  When you hear someone without kids complaining about not sleeping or being busy, do you thing gee, and you don't even have kids, you lazy nitwit?